In the previous article, we explained the path the eggplant takes: from seed to eggplant. Of course, the eggplants still have to reach consumers. How this happens? We tell you in this article!

From eggplant in the greenhouse to eggplant on your plate

To ensure the best quality, Purple Pride ‘s growers harvest every day. The eggplants are sorted and finally packaged in the cask type desired by the end customer. After harvesting, sorting and packing the eggplants on site, they are transported to a distribution center. And all on the same day! Harvesting in the morning and loading the orders for transport to the retailer in the afternoon.

To keep the chain as short as possible, many orders are shipped directly to the distribution center of the retailers Growers United supplies in the Netherlands. The distribution center makes sure eggplants get to supermarkets, wholesalers, food services and restaurants. Transportation is always conditioned, with the temperature of the truck set at a minimum of 10 degrees. During transport, it is very important that eggplants are not placed near ethylene-emitting products. Why? To prevent damage to the eggplants.

The process from seed to customer may sound like a long one, but in reality the eggplant coming out of the greenhouse is on someone’s plate no later than ten days later! Sometimes the eggplants at the distribution center are even reloaded overnight directly to the stores, making them on the retailer’s shelves within 24 to 48 hours of harvest!

Nice to know that our eggplants are transported all over the world. Thus, they end up in North-West Europe (Germany, Scandinavia and England), United States, Canada and Eastern Europe, among others. Of the total production of Purple Pride eggplants, 85% is exported abroad and about 15% of our eggplants remain in the Netherlands.

The food service share is currently small, which is due to many closures due to the corona pandemic. Currently, about 85% of production goes to retail and 15% to food service, through wholesalers in England and Germany, among others.

It is interesting to know that we are a member of sales organization Growers United. Together with two more eggplant growers, we are part of the Purple Pride product group . Our goal? Getting eggplants on everyone’s weekly menu! We also share knowledge among ourselves in the product group. Growers United does the sales and marketing and also takes work off the hands of the cultivation locations in the areas of food safety, cultivation advice and inspection.

The sales and marketing team acts as eggplant experts to retail accounts. In this way, there is planned cooperation with retailers. Consider planning price promotions and marketing activities, such as cooking demos, recipe cards for in-store and online.

To keep abreast of the latest trends, market developments, possible buying motives and buying barriers to purchasing the eggplant, marketers work with many shopper and market data organizations. Consider GFK, Kantar and Nielsen. With this knowledge, marketers can help the retailer set up targeted and effective marketing activities to ultimately increase the retailer’s sales per square foot. This again contributes to Purple Pride ‘s main mission : getting eggplants on everyone’s weekly menu!

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