That the eggplant goes a long way before it reaches the consumer’s plate, we know by now. But that our staff plays an essential role in this, we have not yet discussed in detail. Without our team, there would not be so many people enjoying a delicious eggplant dish every day. And we are quite proud of that!

For example, did you know that during the busiest period there are 210 people working at our 4 locations? In this article, we list all the HR facts & figures for you!

3 types of work

FACT – Work is divided into 3 categories, namely: harvesting, sorting and packing.

During the peak season, harvesting, crop care (this includes threshing, turning in and leaf breaking) and sorting are leading the daily work. The winter months are all about preparing for the new season. Here, harvesting always begins around February.

Figure 1 – Permanent staff

FACT – Our permanent staff team consists of 27 employees.

The permanent team, spread across 4 locations, consists of 27 employees who have been with us for an average of more than 10 (!) years. Every employee has the right skills. We have a number of employees who previously had no experience in the greenhouse industry, yet had more common ground with the industry than thought. Our employees work at different levels: from MBO to HBO and from technical to administrative positions. In short, our permanent team is a well-oiled machine ready to perform.

Figure 2 – Temporary workers

FACT – In the busiest period, we work with more than 210 employees.

Our business activities are seasonal and production fluctuates considerably. To meet these needs, we work closely with various staffing agencies. During the busiest period, from May to August, we have as many as 210 temporary workers (!) working at our 4 locations. These employees come from different countries, especially Poland, Romania and Lithuania. For temporary workers who have been with us for some time, we offer our own housing according to SNF certification standards.

Figure 3 – Interns

FACT – Van Duijn De Jong is an approved learning company for BBL training.

Van Duijn De Jong is a proudly recognized learning company for BBL training. We offer several MBO courses at different levels that are an excellent fit for the greenhouse industry. For example, the courses Medewerker Teelt (BOL, level 2) and Vakexpert Teelt en Groene Technologie (BOL or BBL, level 4).

If you are interested in an internship position, we are always open to an interview to discuss the possibilities! Send an email to:

Figure 4 – Scholars

FACT – Van Duijn De Jong also offers scholars an opportunity.

Did you know that we also give college students the opportunity for a side job? Great opportunity to gain experience in greenhouse vegetable production! Are you 15 years old or older and looking for vacation work? With us you are most welcome! We offer school students the opportunity to work with us during school vacations.

Interested? If so, please email Leander (, and we will look at the possibilities together.

We continue to grow

Are you growing with us? Do you have an affinity for greenhouse vegetable production? Are you looking for a fun new (side) job at a healthy family business where innovation, sustainability and a pleasant working environment are paramount? Then we are looking for you! Here you will find our current job offerings.

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