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That the eggplant goes a long way before it reaches the consumer’s plate, we know by now. But that our staff plays an essential role in this, we have not yet discussed in detail. Without our team, there would not be so many people enjoying a delicious eggplant dish every day. And we are quite proud of that!

Sustainable and innovative energy supply at Van Duijn De Jong Aubergines

Before we tell you what sustainable solutions we have implemented, let’s take a look back ten years ago. At the time, we had a boiler at the nursery that we used to heat our greenhouses with natural gas. The heat went into the greenhouse and so did the CO2 from the flue gases. We did this this way for up to 30 years.

From seed to eggplant

That we are big fans of the eggplant is, of course, no secret! But did you know that it takes about five months to go from seed to eggplant? In this post, we’ll tell you what path the eggplant takes!

From Van Duijn De Jong Aubergines to the consumer

In the previous article, we explained the path the eggplant takes: from seed to eggplant. [FdS1] Of course, the eggplants still have to reach consumers. How this happens? We tell you in this article!

The path of the eggplant from the greenhouse to transportation

Obviously, our eggplants travel a long way from seed to the consumer’s plate. In our previous article[FdS1], we already explained in detail the process from seed to eggplant. In this article, we explain the path the eggplant takes from the greenhouse to transportation to the customer.

Organic crop protection at Van Duijn de Jong Aubergines

In the greenhouse, we are dealing with a living product: the plant. This plant not only produces beautiful eggplants, but is also of interest to many pests, fungi and diseases. This makes us less happy as producers. Pests, fungi and diseases negatively affect the yield and quality of our beautiful eggplants. We obviously want to […]