Eggplant is healthy, has a neutral taste and is also easy to prepare.


|Surprising & versatile

Low-calorie condiment

Eggplant is healthy, has a neutral taste and is also easy to prepare. Compared to southern European countries, for example, the popularity in northwestern Europe is still low: only 25% of the population eats eggplant at least once a year. But this percentage is now rising. We therefore see tremendous growth potential. More and more Dutch consumers are recognizing the benefits of the eggplant: it is the most low-calorie vegetable (18 kcal per 100 grams), it is fat-, carbohydrate- and gluten-free, and rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. Eggplant also doubles as a meat substitute: rich in fiber, making the vegetable filling, and with a meaty texture.

Food Safety

To ensure the food safety of our products, we use various certificates such as GLOBAL G.A.P. and BRC. These certificates set food safety requirements for both the growing and packaging processes. These are reviewed every year. We also hold the ‘On the way to PlanetProof’ certificate, because we grow our products in a sustainable way.

Fresh to the customer

Our eggplants are sorted and packed the same day after harvest, so they always arrive fresh to our customers. They can come in five different weight grades: 100-175 grams, 175-225 grams, 225-300 grams, 300-400 grams and 400-500 grams. We package the eggplants according to the customer’s requirements: from standard crates or different types of boxes to ziplock bags, flowpack, single-layer packaging and various types of poolfust, with fruit stickers. 

Van Duijn De Jong Aubergines is a member of Cooperative Growers United U.A., which is responsible for all sales and marketing of the product.