About us

Van Duijn De Jong Aubergines is a large-scale innovative and sustainable greenhouse farming company. Growing eggplants is our passion. We have been doing this for about 60 years now, and we continue to constantly renew and improve ourselves. The origin of our company is in the Westland, but for many years we have been located in North Brabant (Dinteloord and Steenbergen) and Zeeland (Oosterland and Westdorpe).

Van Duijn De Jong Eggplants

|Over 60 years of experience

In 1962, Gebr. Van Duijn founded in De Lier, municipality of Westland. In 1996, this family business moved to three locations in West Brabant and Zeeland: Oosterland, Steenbergen and Terneuzen. The origins of Eggplant Nursery de Jong are in Maasland, South Holland. Since the 1960s, this nursery has been in the business of growing vegetable crops. In 1975, the company began growing eggplants. After several expansions, this family business moved to Dinteloord in 2012. In 2018, the eggplant farm was expanded again.

|Together continuing as Van Duijn De Jong

On Jan. 1, 2023, Gebr. Van Duijn and Aubergine Nursery De Jong continue together under the name Van Duijn De Jong Aubergines. Why? Because we believe that 1+1 is more than 2. Our companies have known each other for years and complement each other well with our way of working. The amalgamation of our companies created an eggplant farm with an area of 39 hectares. This allows us to keep the cost price low and further professionalize our cultivation and organization (finance and human resources). For our employees, there are now more opportunities for development and (continued) growth. Our joining of forces ensures that there is a strong management team in which two generations of entrepreneurs are represented. This is how we ensure the continuity and future-proofing of our company. The new generation is being prepared to eventually take over the baton for good.

|Sustainable Cultivation

Over the past decade, we have paid a lot of attention to sustainability. Together with fellow companies (often our neighbors), we are constantly looking for even greener alternatives. Under the heading “Our locations,” we tell you more about that – for example, about the use of waste streams and heat storage. In addition to all the innovative solutions for renewable energy, we also work as much as possible according to the principle of “The New Cultivation” (HNT). This means that we use energy very consciously while at the same time achieving optimal production. Thanks to HNT, we can optimally control cultivation with respect to temperature, moisture,CO2 dosage, light and screens, among other things. For example, many of our greenhouses have a second energy screen. This provides substantial energy savings and better crop results. In the coming years, we are going to make it even more sustainable.